Let the metal magic begin

Let the metal magic begin

Mixing elements can give your home a beautiful look. Metal is one such element. Using it judiciously and imaginatively can lend a sophisticated look to your abode, writes Sudha Jain.

We aren’t new to metal. For a long time now, we have seen its use in home décor in decorative pieces like brass lamps, bells and wall art. But the not-so-humble metal has taken a new dimension and look now what with the market flooded with a plethora of choices. From chrome finish cupboards to nickel tinted knobs to corrugated wall boards and metallic finish laminates, we aren’t starved for choices anymore.

The entrance is a good starting point if you wish to incorporate metal in your home décor. The door handles which come in a lot of choices –  in nickel, brass, stainless steel, chrome etc – make a good statement to visitors. They look sleek and strong. Make sure that the metal of the handle matches the colour scheme in the room. Also, you must polish it regularly to prevent tarnishing.

Let your imagination run wild in your living room. There are beautiful metal art available for wall art such as tree of life, Buddha – the choices are enormous. You can have mirrors with metal frames and even curtain rods of metal with ornate designs look good.

The pieces of décor in metal wall art are made using metals like copper, wrought iron, metal wires and other such materials. The pieces include wall mirrors, metal candle holders, large wall clocks, wall hangings and wall shelves. Any drab wall can be made to come alive using metal candle holders or a small piece of metal wall art on the wall showing a tree with colourful leaves.

Metal wall sculptures add personality and statement to the walls and the home, representing uniqueness of the owner. Sculptures can be placed on outdoor tables and slabs, and wall pieces can be hung from different angles to give a unique look. The sofas and the centre table can have steel legs giving them a classy and understated look.

A great place to start adding metal touches to your home is with lighting. There are wonderful fixtures available that will add just the right touch. They not only brighten up the space but also enhance the décor. You can have pendants, chandeliers, wall lights and even fans made of metal.

The kitchen is another place where metal can be used extensively without it looking overpowering. You can have pots and kettles as decorative elements by hanging them from the ceiling.

Metal home decor utensils are both pretty and useful. Cookie jars and sweetie tins made from metal look very decorative, and these make interesting focal points. Bronze and black metal really go well with white kitchen cabinets as do nickel knobs and pulls.

The faucets and appliances made of mix metal, stainless steel appliances, black hardware on the cabinets, bronze track light and a lighting pendant with chrome accents for your island will make the colour pop in your kitchen, not in least making it tacky. Mixing it up can give your kitchen a unique and personal look – another way to get a warm and welcoming feel to your home.

Rooms too can have a touch of metal. A wrought iron bed, wall art or even the use of rustic metal looks beautiful. Just a touch of rustic metal in a room can make your home look different.

The use of wire baskets, galvanised buckets, cast iron, and pipe can all be gorgeous yet rustic. You can even use galvanised as an activity wall for the kids. This is a rust free and stunning option for a part of your kid’s room.

The fixtures in the bathroom are probably the most common representation of metal in the bathroom. Bathroom fixtures may be made out of a few different types of metal, but they come in dozens of shapes, sizes, and décor options. Choose from classic metal fixtures with traditional looks for a rarely used bathroom or one designed for the children, or a more modern look for a contemporary bathroom design style.

Aside from bathroom fixtures, there are other ways to represent the metal element in the bathroom as well.

For instance, a metal tray to display a collection of scented candles next to the bathtub looks beautiful and modern, and the scent adds to the perfect ambience for a relaxing bubble bath after a hard day of work.

A wicker laundry hamper with metal accents at the top and bottom is a classic look, but the metal bands add the right element to make this a contemporary addition instead of something merely functional.

There are many other great metal accessories for the bathroom, from toothbrush holders in chrome or brushed nickel towel racks to steel soap dishes. Mixing metal in your décor enhances its beauty and makes it fun. It adds a touch of glamour and a quiet, undemanding sophistication. And the possibilities are endless.