Anglo-Indians want woman rep in Assembly

Anglo-Indians want woman rep in Assembly

A group of Anglo-Indians on Saturday staged a protest in front of the Town Hall demanding that the government choose a woman to represent the community in the State Assembly.

Social activist and member of the Anglo-Indian Development Activist Association, Prudence Muriel, said, “It has been four months since the government came to power, but till date no one has been appointed to represent the Anglo-Indian community in the Assembly.

This time, we want a woman to represent our community and hope the chief minister takes some immediate action.”

The members said that for the last many years, not a single woman had represented
the community in the Legislature.

Basic rights

“The past members who represented us did not help us and our community. Poor people in the community have been suffering as they are not getting their basic rights,” Muriel said.

The Association demanded that the government focus more on empowering Anglo-Indian women.

Association president Raymond Pacheco also spoke on the occasion.