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Whenever the subject of haunted places in India comes up, the foremost mention goes to Bhangarh Fort in Rajasthan. A black magician is said to have cursed the 17th century citadel and since then no one, who attempted to stay here at night, has come back. Or so, it is said.

However, if you are fascinated by the paranormal and seek a personal experience, you don’t need to travel that far. Delhi is also home to many ghosts, or their legends, if you believe. Owing to its millennia-old human history, several monuments, forests and even residential places here are said to be haunted. Metrolife lists a few known for their spooky reputation.

Lothian cemetery

Lothian cemetery, just 300 mtrs from Red Fort, is the oldest burial ground for Christians in Delhi. As long back as the 1700s, British soldiers, their women and children in the city were laid to rest here. A young soldier, who blew his head off after being rejected by a girl, was buried here. Now he walks with his head in his hands on moonless nights. Many have also seen a child carrying a bier move around this ancient graveyard. 
Delhi Ridge

Many a bloody scenes from the 1857 revolt of Indian Independence were played out here. A lake near the Flagstaff Tower is typically named Khooni jheel as it is said to have turned red with the bloodied bodies of British soldiers and Indian rebels dumped here. Their ghosts are spotted off and on by those who venture to the ridge. Doctors and nurses of the Bara Hindu Rao Hospital, which stands close by, attest to this fact. 

Sanjay Van

Sanjay Van is a stretch of about 10 kms of lone forest area near Qutub Institutional Area. A motorable road runs through the heart of this forest where a lady dressed in a white saree is often seen asking motorists for a lift. The strange part is that she is never accompanied by anyone and if a vehicle stops to help her, she just disappears.

Jamali Kamali Masjid

Located in the Mehrauli Archeological Park, Jamali Kamali mosque and tomb were built after Sufi saints Jamali and Kamali who used to preach here and died around 1528. They are now said to house djinns. Many people have heard the inexplicable sound of animals growling. Some have reported feeling chased and also slapped. People claim they have had recurring nightmares after their visits.

The Tree near Dwarka, Sector 9 Metro Station

People who get down at the Metro station at night have reported seeing a mysterious woman near this tree. Call centre cabs crossing this stretch at night have confirmed seeing the same woman travelling alongside their vehicles and sometimes attached to the boot of their cars.
House No. W-3, Greater Kailash.

An old couple used to stay in this house till a few years back. They were followers of a pundit who eyed this prime property and murdered and stuffed their bodies in an underground tank one day. Somehow no relatives of the couple claimed this posh bungalow and it has remained vacant since.

Some locals have complained of cries and shrieks emanating from here
at night.

(Published 24 September 2013, 15:44 IST)

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