Indian diplomat's paedophile son jailed for 10 years

Indian diplomat's paedophile son jailed for 10 years

The paedophile son of an Indian diplomat was jailed Thursday for more than a decade in Canberra and faces deportation on completing his sentence.

Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Supreme Court judge John Burns sentenced Navin Edwin, 34, 10 years and eight months in prison with a non-parole period of six-and-a-half years for a series of offences against three minor girls between 2009 and 2010,  The Canberra Times reported.

In separate trials in May and June, the court found him guilty of 17 offences, including producing and possessing child pornography, acts of indecency and child grooming.
Edwin contacted one of his victims via instant message, who later reported this to the police.

Police found home-made child pornography stored in electronic devices at his home.
According to the report, Edwin said the pornography was part of his medical research and an art project.

Justice Burns was quoted as saying that Edwin had lied shamelessly under oath and continued the pattern of dishonesty.

Edwin had a strong sexual interest in children, which he knew was wrong but he camouflaged himself by adopting the persona of a caring, Christian man, said the judge.

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