Concern over 'cruelty' at killer's animal farm

Concern over 'cruelty' at killer's animal farm

An animal protection group has raised an alarm over the fate and well-being of canines kept for breeding at a facility owned by the father who killed his daughter last week in Rohtak in the name of “honour”.

People for Ethical Treatment to Animals (PETA) group has cited the examples of American serial killer, sex offender and cannibal Jeffery Dahmer and Veerappan, who was stained for the killings of elephants, to suggest that a history of cruelty towards animals exists regularly in the life of serial rapists and murderers.

The correlation, PETA says, has been suggested after an investigation carried out by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the US. Given the cruel manner in which the 21-year old daughter was killed by the father and owner of the canine farm, Narender alias Billu, it is unlikely that the canines would have been well kept, PETA has observed.

Jeffery Dahmer, who was convicted for his obnoxious offences and eventually beaten to death by a fellow inmate at the Columbia Correctional Institution at the age of 34, had indulged in acts of cannibalism and used to chop off body parts of dogs and cats.

The organisation has shot off a letter to Anil Kumar Rao, Inspector General of Police, Rohtak range apprising him of all these concerns and urged to send police officials to verify the conditions at Billu’s canine farm.

The organisation suspects that the father — who killed his daughter by stabbing her six times and beheaded her 23-year old lover just because they wanted to get married despite being from the same Gotra — possibly had been manifesting his “animal instincts” on the canines at his farm. PETA has offered to help the police in its investigation. What is worrisome in the case of the Rohtak honour killing is that the father Billu is still remorseless.