Catching up on old times

Catching up on old times

Convocation Ceremony

Catching up on old times

The future engineers from PESIT graduated with flying colours at the annual convocation ceremony held recently in the college campus.

The event saw students as well as parents attending the ceremony. The students were very confident as they went up to the dais to collect their graduation certificates and medals.

While some were excited to begin a new innings and be a part of the corporate industry, others wanted to hone their skills even further and go for a specialisation course. It was a happy occasion for students as they met their classmates and friends after a while. For many, it was a walk down memory lane too. The students were addressed by various dignitaries, who advised them to put in their best efforts. They were also asked to be inquisitive and look for answers.

Students, in the meanwhile, had a whale of a time. They were seen catching up with friends and planning their reunion meets. Pavana, who pursued BE (Biotechnology), says that the convocation was more like revisiting the good old days of their time in college.

“My department has been very encouraging and I have had a great time in college. I also got an opportunity to write a research paper under the guidance of my HoD and teachers. The best part about the entire programme was meeting our teachers and friends. Our teachers have been very supportive,” she says.

Proud parents were beaming when they saw their children receiving the certificates. “It was an important day of my life and I wanted my parents to be a part of it. I was happy to get a degree. But what really put a smile on our faces was seeing our friends and meeting them after a while. Wearing the graduation robe and collecting the certificates was very special for me,” notes Aniket, a student.

Sakshi Gupta, a computer science student, was also among those who graduated. “We all have started working now and we took this day off from work to meet our old friends and spend sometime with them. We were all felicitated and the presence of our parents made us happier,” she sums up.