Liberating young souls, artistically

individual expression

Initiating Concert for freedom (CFF), a movement to celebrate an individual’s freedom of expression, a two-day inter-college workshop was organised at Sri Venkateswara College on 10th and 11th October.

While the first day saw a huge response from the students, the second day was affected by heavy rains in the City, leading to a shortfall in attendance.

Catching up with Gilles Schuven, one of the mentors for theatre, explains the intent behind the workshop, “On the first day, we discussed about human rights and the second day saw its translation into songs and plays. Working with the students from different colleges, we shuffled them up in groups to explain how to use body movements in acting so as to explore themes such as violence and freedom of expression.” Students were divided into seven groups to perform plays and songs for the second day - the performance day that was marred by the unexpected rains.

Through the medium of art, creative writing, theatre and music – Concert for Freedom aims to connect with the Delhi student population for building a platform for inspired discussions and a stage for young people to express themselves freely and artistically while engaging with Arts as a tool for advocacy. The idea is to celebrate freedom of expression through music and theatre workshops. Taru Dalmia, famously called the Delhi Sultanate, was one of the main artists mentoring students for these workshops.

When Metrolife spoke to a participant, Rashmeet Kaur from Khalsa College about her experience, she said, “It was a very informative session on the first day. That’s why our college society even attended it for the second day. Taru discussed about his 3-year- long musical projects, related to human rights. He even showed us a presentation on Odiya tribals fighting to protect bauxite mines by expressing their wrath through traditional songs.”  Sounding motivated, Rashmeet told us that she personally wants to write around women issues and represent her college for musical competitions during this academic year.

Vaibhav Ahuja from Hansraj College teamed up with Rashmeet and a few other students from different colleges to perform ‘Fly’; relating his experience, he says, “We composed music for ‘Fly’, a song based on Right to Equality, in less than a day’s time. It was a good exercise to understand the dynamics of composing a song in an unknown team, that too in such less time.”

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