'Everyone inside is playing games'


She has no qualms on being part of reality shows because these have provided her with the ticket to fame, especially considering a not-so-successful film career.

“People know me from my stint in reality shows. Reality shows are not scripted - which builds in them a certain excitement level. Ofcourse, they do pay you well,” says the sexy siren Payal Rohatgi.

Recognised as the item girl from the song O Sikander in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Corporate, Payal became popular when she entered Bigg Boss house in Season 2. Not to forget, along with fame came controversies and link-ups! Yet she supported her beau Sangram Singh for accepting the show’s ongoing season. “I have been a contestant on the show and know for a fact that Bigg Boss can make you or break you. I got a bit of negative publicity too so I’m not the right person to give Sangram any tips on how to perform,” says the actress who put aside her apprehensions and let the wrestler participate in the reality show.

“Wrestlers in India are not given the kind of importance that cricketers or actors get. Since Sangram is planing to start a professional wrestling league in India,  it is important for him to build a connection with the Indian audience.” Which both of them seek to fulfill from this reality show.

While the audiences feels that Sangram is not taking making his presence felt in the show, Payal feels otherwise. “Everyone inside has seen the previous episodes and is playing games. In the one hour episode that we see, the footage does look spicy but I know that Sangram would be trying to understand the 14 new people around him. Even in a real-life situation, he doesn’t have a strong opinion, unlike me. So people also misinterpret me at times. But I have learnt from Sangram, how to be calm and not get hyper.” Which has helped her in her profession too.

Born in a middle-class family, Payal took to modelling and then struggled in films.
“Everybody is not born with a silver spoon or to get a break in their debut film with Shah Rukh Khan. Every one is not that lucky. But after seven-eight years of struggle I am happy that I have managed to get a foothold in the industry,” she shares with the thought that she has made efforts but, “everything happens in its own time.”

One takes it as a reference to her upcoming film Black Currency in which she plays the character “of an informer.” Directed by Sanjay Sharma, the reality-fiction drama “stars Nawazuddin Siddiqui who has also had his share of struggle but got recognition for his art,” says Payal, in hope that her labour will to bear fruit some day. But as of now, she remains busy with television projects, regional cinema and is open to any more reality shows. “Dance reality shows bach gaye hain, vo bhi kar lenge,” she wraps up.  

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