Today's Letters

Today's Letters

No time for common man


This refers to 'No more transfers of senior officers' (DH, Nov 15). It seems as though Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa's main task is to keep his colleagues happy and in good humour all the time. Hence, he has less time to attend to other development works and has no time for common people .

 So also, he is dependant on the high command for every action including  expansion of his cabinet. If a chief of a state can't choose his colleagues, what is the rationale of his being at the helm?

Muralidhara Acharya



Ideal Muslim for national integration 


It is heartening to read the newsreport " Muslim teacher sings Vande...." ( Nov 14).
In Lucknow a Muslim clegy Washim Khan has been teaching Sanskrit at the Saraswati Vidya Mandir, a school in Shamili Muzafarnagar for the past 8 years. He was educated in the same school till 5th standard after which he moved to Kanpur for higher education.Although he graduated in English literature , he prefers to teach Sanskrit.

In order to promote communal harmony, Khan has inspired  at least 20 students from his community to join the school and persuaded Muslim parents to send their children to his school. He not only sings Vande Mataram but also worships goddess Saraswati and chants mantras. He does not find  reciting Vande Mataram un-Islamic.

B S Ganesh,

Kudos to master 20dulkar


Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar has completed 2 decades in his career as cricket player and we are very much proud of the great man who has created a number of records.
Sachin was the find of late Rajsingh Dungapur.He made his debut as a teenager at 16 . Today his ODI  runs have crossed 17K+challenging our Sensex and the graph of Price Rise! It is a matter of pride for all of us that 20dulkar as we can all him today is the icon of world game of cricket.
It was said that in the yesteryears when Dhyanchand  played Hockey and brought in a haul of golds ,  someone went and inspected his Hockey stick to check whether it was a special one.  Likewise one has to verify the willow of Sachin to see if it is the normal  bat ! Sachin is the greatest in Indian Cricket.  As Shane Warne rated him as the best batsman he had bowled to has threatened all the bowlers with his magic willow! Sachin is always very modest





Sachin’s true sportsmanship

To understand the measure of Sachin Tendulkar's 20 years  saga of achievement  in cricket, we have to transcend the record book .However awesome  it fills his exploits in the  number of runs that flew from his bat, scorching the earth to all corners of the field  or the centuries he scored or sixers that made a graceful arc in the sky, or the catches he held or  his prowess in bowling  for what stands out uniquely in the history of any profession is something different.
The Master demonstrated real sportsmanship to the world… a courage not to wilt under pressure, never throwing his weight around and freely mixing and sharing his expertise without reservation with other cricketers. He has, always  mentored  youngsters. His simplicity, never losing his temper  however taxing the situation both professionally and personally,  a boyish exuberance  with an infectious laughter and  the successes and innumerable prizes or accolade he received,  sit lightly on his shoulders.
Sachin  above all has been a good husband and an adorable father to his children. Can there be a better example of a role model.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana


Inspiration from Sachin


When Sachin stepping in to 20th year of Cricket,  the game has benefited more than him. It is not only  Indian Cricket but the world of cricket has become inseparable from Sachin. From a debutant in 1989, Sachin's progress has been smooth and supported by his undoubted commitment to the game and his country, which made him a legend. His  popularity and money merely followed him. In these days of T20 when young cricketers are mercenary, they must take inspiration from Sachin's love for the game and pride in playing for the country. I wish Sachin will achieve his dream of winning the World Cup in 2011


K R Anandagopalan



Sachin’s unwavered career

Apropos the editorial "The milestone man" ( 15 November), Sachin's record is indeed enviable, but it is high time he is bluntly asked to perform or leave the arena.
In the recently concluded Indo-Australia series, Sachin's aggregate in 6 matches was 275. As much as 175 was scored in a single match only. This means that he contributed merely 100 runs in 5 matches averaging a poor 20. Instead of playing a hurricane innings in one match and failing in the rest, he serves the team infinitely better who consistently contributes decently in every match.
While Sachin scored merely a century(that too not a match-winning one); Ricky Ponting aggregated 267( 8 runs less than Sachin) , but he scored three half-centuries and an innings above 40 in the process. Any neutral student of the game will appreciate that Ponting has served his respective team much better than Sachin, which helped the Aussies pocket the series as well. Personal milestones and Sachin-worship  will not help Indian cricket to progress even an inch.

Kajal Chatterjee

Bravo Tendulkar


Sachin Tendulkar has demonstrated his patriotism by saying that though he is proud of being a Maharashtrian, first of all he is an Indian.
He is a thorough gentleman. He hits only the lifeless cricket ball mercilessly and not the live, innocent people as being beaten by the MNSs goons.
it would be interesting to check whether Raj Thackeray’s MNS has done anything for the Phyan cyclone hit ‘Marathi manoos’ from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg till date. Have they done any rescue and relief work over there? They excel in beating innocent, weaponless Indians under various excuses.

Hansraj Bhat


Rahul’s charishma


A Congressman, who was elected to the Lok Sabha in the recently concluded round of by-polls  has solely attributed his success to charisma of the youth icon Rahul Gandhi. By this yardstick, who should be awarded the credit for the losses suffered by the party in the simultaneously held by-elections to some of the State Assemblies?

Arun Malankar

Dissidence within the State BJP


It's clear the show of unity in the BJP legislature party is for public consumption. There are deep divisions within the party with factionalism raising its ugly head. Karnataka Chief Minister BS  Yeddyurappa feels suffocated by the dissidence which has found support from the central leadership. Otherwise the party should  have taken a tough stand and expelled the rebels. Keeping the CM's chair was more important to the central leadership than enforcing party discipline.

D.B.N. Murthy


Marines should have been quarantined


Upon receiving news of Headleys arrest by the FBI in the US and the purported link-up of this person with India terror attacks, with great alacrity our intelligence teams flew to the US to interrogate him They returned with no access to Headley since US law prohibits any suspect from being interrogated by another countrys officials for a 60 day period.
Were we not aware of this before the RAW and  IB team flew out of the country? Could all this money not have been saved? Do we not coordinate with our local embassy before we rush post-haste into avoidable situations?
There have been precedents on this when Quatrocchi was arrested in a South American country and our CBI went there to find everything in Spanish down to the arrest documents and other processes. They did not get access to Q and came back emptyhanded. The other thing that we need to learn is that the US or for that matter any country in the West follow their laws to the letter and inspite of any level or manner of cooperation with us will not deviate from set laws. This is how their system is structured.
There is very little interference by the powers-that-be and politics in the whole process there, unlike sadly ours where the system is fully compromised and oriented towards the political or wealthy class by self-seeking officials.
These are lessons to learn for us like when the plane with the US Marines landed at Mumbai airport after being escorted in for having wrongly entering our airspace, why did we allow the Marines entry into the city and free access to go around. We should according to our rule  quarantined these Marines until the plane was finally cleared for take-off.


S Kamat AG,


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