Wipro's new medical device

Wipro's new medical device

The product design will be sold to OEMs for mass production.

The device, consisting of interfaces that can feed-in data such as blood pressure, pulse rate, ECG reading and weight from the respective devices, is connected to the gateway that would format it into standard patient information and transmit it to either public health data platform such as Google Health or to private platforms like Microsoft Health Vault.

The facility to hold video conferencing would also allow patients or health workers to directly communicate with the doctors in a remote location. The device would step in to plug the communication and time gap between patients and doctors by allowing vital data available constantly. It would also enable primary health centres in rural areas to provide better patient care.

Briefing reporters, Wipro Technologies General Manager (Medical Devices) Manimaran said: The entire system has been powered by Intel Atom embedded chips. Wipro, he added, is in talks with five Overseas Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in United States and Europe on its final production.

Intel Embedded & Communications Group Marketing Director (Emerging Markets) Sanat Rao said the medical gateway solution is the second healthcare product to hit the market with Intel Atom processor.  He said Intel Embedded and Communiccation Group has been partnering with about 50 companies in India as part of its design house programme, under which Intel provides technology and business support, as well as early access to their products.