Jairaj still commissioner, as per Palike website!

Jairaj still commissioner, as per Palike website!

Jairaj still commissioner, as per Palike website!

Trust this, if you want to go by what appears on the Palike’s official website (www.bbmp.gov.in). You get to this information by clicking on the RTI link on the main page. For more proof of this online lethargy, check the same link for the hierarchy of the BBMP officials. It clearly shows that the entire list of officials has not been updated since 2006.

Names of officials who had long been repatriated to their parent organisation, such as Vasant Rao, and even those who retired after their term, are listed as serving officers. Even officials who have been transferred from one region to another still hold the old posting in the Palike. Apart from the Head Office, even the names under the Engineering and Revenue departments and newly created Forest Department have not been updated.

Old map on display

It has been nearly two months since the release of the delimitation of wards list onto the public forum, but the BBMP is still displaying the old map of 100 wards.  The delimitation of wards had been initially made for 147 and once again increased for 198 wards but still the Palike had not updated the website. Ironically, the BBMP is itself busy conducting meetings for public awareness on the delimitation of wards in the City.

What is even more striking is the fact that works that have been completed in 2006 are featured on the official website as still under construction.

For instance, the Malleswaram underpass completed nearly two years ago and the Yeshwantpur flyover that was inaugurated earlier this year.     

Surprisingly, while there are a series of initiatives taken by the BBMP in trying to improve their internal working system, there seems to be no insight on updating the basic website to make it simpler for the citizens to overlook the Palike functioning.