House resolution on PM's state visit to be taken up today

House resolution on PM's state visit to be taken up today

Manmohan Singh

The resolution (H res No 890) moved by Congressman Jim McDermott and co-sponsored by 14 other lawmakers has been placed sixth the agenda item of the day according to the floor scheduled released last night by the House Majority Leader Steny H Hoyer.

Noting that India's relationship with the US has deepened in past years and encompasses cooperation on matters relating to international security, world trade, technology, science and health, the resolution looks forward to continuing progress in the relationship between the two countries.

Welcoming Prime Minister to the US, the resolution commends the maturating of the relationship between the US and India, exemplified by the current official visit of Dr Singh.

The resolution notes that the ties between the US and India has great potential to promote stability, democracy, prosperity, and peace throughout the world and enhance the ability of both countries to work together to provide global leadership in areas of mutual concern and interest.

It says that Singh has helped shape India's economic policies to permit the expansion of a market economy, which has led to greater economic prosperity for India and the growth of a middle class.