A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Onto redemption: A scene from ‘A Christmas Carol’.

True to the original Charles Dicken’s classic ‘A Christmas Carol’, this animation film follows the transformation of an old miser and money lender Ebenezer Scrooge (Jim Carey) into a kind and loving person.

After his closest friend and business partner Marley passes away, Scrooge always complains about life. He is also unpopular with the people around him. He not only burdens his clerk Bob (Gary Oldman) with his endless criticisms but refuses to have dinner with his nephew Fred (Colin Firth).  But, one night Marley’s ghost appears to give him a chance to change his life. Thereafter, Scrooge is visited by three spirits — the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Yet to Come (all voiced by Carey). These ghosts take Scrooge to the different stages of life he has had, and also to the future. And, with Director Robert Zemeckis, has who always been a pathbreaker in animation film industry, in control, the film narrates the timeless classic like a flowing river unobstructed by silts and stones.

The 3D image looks fantastic with the each settings having unique aura of the time. Details like pimples, coins on a death man’s forehead, etc., are some of the minute details which the film can also boast about.

Facial movements and voices of the characters also resemble the actors in real life. Carey’s flexible face is clearly reflected in all the characters he lends his voice to. Carey brings back memories of him jiggling, singing, sliding down a railing in mega-hit ‘The Mask’. Oldman and Firth also lend good support.

However, it is important to remember that despite the ‘A Christmas Carol’  being a children’s classic, it basically is a ghost story. As such the film has some scary scenes which are well enacted to keep you on the edge of your seat. There are ghostly images which might haunt children for days.

Overall, the film is a big morale booster in this period of gloom in the markets. There are not many funny lines, but it will cheer you up with its faith on hope, redemption and love.

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