Thousands of 'dogs' at Makkishasthavu

Thousands of 'dogs' at Makkishasthavu

The visitors who are not aware of the speciality of Makkishasthavu temple in Napoklu will be taken by surprise when they visit the temple. This temple is not like any other temple, with deity protected by structures and attractive architecture. Rather, it is an open place where the presiding deity is only sheltered under a jackfruit tree.

What adds to the uniqueness, is that the temple surrounding is filled with clay models of dogs. At Makkishasthavu temple, devotees offer models of dogs as to fulfill their vows. The temple situated at Bethu gram panchayat, amidst greenery, is a synonym for serenity. As one climbs the steps, one can find a circular ‘Katte’ where the presiding deity - stone idol holding ‘thrishoola’ - is situated.

Grand fair is celebrated in this temple twice a year. Thousands of devotees take part in the festival which is held in May and in December. ‘Yetthu herata,’ (chasing bulls), ‘deeparadhane’ (offering lights), ‘Ajjappa’ and ‘Vishnumuthy kola’ are the special features of the temple fair.

The December fair is marked by offering clay models of dogs for the fulfillment of vows. The models are prepared one month prior to ‘Vrishchika Masa’ according to Hindu calendar. As per the tradition, 12 families from Bethu village have to offer 12 pairs of clay models of dogs every year during the temple fair. Apart from them, even the villagers offer clay models of dogs to fulfill their vows. One has to pay Rs 300 for the preparation of a pair of models. With a large number of models offered as vows, the temple premises is filled with numerous clay models of dogs.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, D R Shankar who prepares clay models of dogs said that he has been into the profession of preparing models of dogs since 30 years. “I bring clay from the neighbouring Balamuri village. As per the tradition, 24 models are supposed to be offered by 12 families in the village.” Makkishasthavu temple managing trustee Kondira Ponnanna said that clay models of dogs is the speciality of the temple and the temple trust has provided land for preparing models.

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