A French toast to India's cultural diversity

A French toast to India's cultural diversity

French artist Thomas Henriot’s travelling art show, ‘Across the City’ is a different take on art altogether. 

The artist uses his art as a link and a language to create contact with unknown spectators who witness the elaboration of his works. The liveliness of his work, its continuity give an originality to all his arty ‘travel documentaries’ or album of memories.

‘Across the City’ brings together Thomas’ experience of his numerous journeys in Morocco, Lebanon, Togo, China, Argentina, Oman, Mali, Mauritania, USA, Cuba, Brazil and particularly India which marked an essential stage in his approach, placing his paintings in the heart of a different culture.

Thomas draws sitting on the ground, several works in a row without interruption, in public and leaves his mark forever in these rolls---light and nomadic paintings-- which are carried with him wherever he goes . The experience of his numerous journeys in India, particularly in Banares, marks an essential stage to his approach towards his creations.

His art combines at once a real traditional know-how, an ambitious discovery of a world apart. His stunning creations will be exhibited in four other cities across India – Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai and Hyderabad.

Thomas studied in Ecole des beaux arts de Besancon and presently lives and works between Rio de Janeiro, Havana and Paris. He came to India during his residency program in Kolkata with the Calcutta Arts Club in September 2012. His drawings are ink on Japanese rice paper scrolls which are 45 centimetres wide and sometimes almost 25 metres long. He unwinds them as the progression of the drawing goes along, composing in a near-spontaneous way.

Inaugurated in Delhi by H E Francois Richier, Ambassador of France to India on December 5 at the Alliance Francaise Galerie Romain Rolland, the  exhibition ‘Across the City’ is on till
December 15.

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