In the lap of nature

In the lap of nature

The students and faculty of Acharya Pre-University College went on a trek to Aluru Forest near Kuduregere recently. For the students, it was time to touch, see and learn from nature. 

The trek, which was five kilometres long, introduced the students to a variety of trees ranging from Egyptian acacia to the Indian neem tree, bamboosa arundenasia to diesel plant pongamia pinnata and sandalwood trees to fruit-bearing shrubs. As many as 46 first-year PCMB students were a part of the trek.

The students were given a checklist of ‘dos and don’ts’ and then followed their lecturers along with the principal. Many of them had never been to a forest before and were thrilled to spend a day in the nature’s lap.   

Said Shashidar, a student, “I was going to a forest for the first time and was very curious. In a classroom, we may see pictures and try to learn the theoretical aspect of a subject. But this was a different experience altogether. For instance, on our way, we encountered a dry bamboo tree which was in the shape of an inverted broomstick. We all had so many questions about its origin and wanted to know more about the species. So our principal explained the life cycle of bamboo grass to us. We understood that a bamboo dies after 60 years by shedding rice under it. This generates a new blade of bamboo grass. We also learnt the importance of the grass on the forest floor and that it helps in water percolation and soil protection.”

Were they tired during

 the trek? Keerthy Kumar, another student, said, “Since many of us do not engage in any sort of exercise, our legs did hurt after a point. But when you are with a big group of friends, such things go unnoticed. It was a very refreshing experience and all our doubts were clarified on the spot.

We got an opportunity to learn many things which are not mentioned in the textbook, like the medicinal value of certain plants and their biological names among other things.

We experienced a new world and had the liberty to express what we felt. This kind of a learning atmosphere is never created in a classroom set-up.”

The students also got a chance to see birds like Red Wattled Lapwing. Following this, the students hugged the trees to show their love for nature. 

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