Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Pressure on Reddys

Dear Sir,

Reddys are now under pressure from AP Government as well as SC's Central Empowered Committee for their illegal mining activity in both the states. BSY & BJP should teach a lesson to Reddys for taking Karnataka electorates for granted. After all the Reddys brought governance to halt for almost three weeks by keeping their MLAs captive.

BSY must hit the rod when it is hot and must come out of the clutches of Reddys. He and BJP must dare to throw them out of the party (not only from ministry) and retrieve their lost image in the state.

K R Anandagopalan
Bangalore 560 024

Not benefitting Karnataka state

The news of illegal mining activity that is allegedly taking place in Karnataka by the Reddy brothers, shows that one can imagine what is in store for Karnataka in the near future, since a lot of money generated in the normal mining activity, which should be helpful to the state government.

It is not good that for the sake of sticking to the chair, such serious irregularities should be allowed to continue, and the people are slowly watching the development that would accrue because of the lackadaisical attitude of the state government in protecting the wealth of the state, and would take appropriate action at the appropriate time.

Therefore it is hightime that the Reddy brothers are brought to book to save the precious mining of iron ore, which ought to have brought foreign exchange to the country in general and the state in particular.

Are the state government and the centre listening?

B S Raghavendra Rao,

Prepare sporting pitches

The first test match has ended in a tame draw. Thanks to the curator who was successful in preparing a dead pitch, but it allowed batsmen to amass runs and venue on to create new records and partnership.
For sri lanka it was Jayawrdne who dominated the proceedings, and stole the lime light, and little master made best use of the pitch to surpass thirty thousand runs and add yet another ton to his credit. All these achievements definitely need to be praised, and congratulated, but if sub-continent pitches continue to remain dead then one will loose interest in test matches, as already we barely see spectators, for test matches.

There is a need to think seriously of providing sporting pitches so that both the bowlers as well as batsmen can have their say, to make test matches more interesting.

Inamdar Ramachandra

Recognise Rahul Dravid's tenacity

Sachin Tendulkar is a world's great batsman and goes on achieving new landmarks which will be difficult for any other batsman to reach, and all our countrymen are proud of him.

But it is time for the selectors and the Indian cricket administration to recognise the teanacious batting of Rahul Dravid who comes time and again for the rescue of the team!. His fine batting of 177 runs in the first innings of the first Test helped India to draw the match.

The selection committee should also be aware of his good rate of scoring now a days and stop dumping him from the ODIs at the drop of a hat !.


Absurd attack

This is with regards to the absurd attack by the Shiv Sena brigade on the IBN news channel office in Mumbai and Pune. The attack is seriously condemned; it is not only an attack on one media channel but on the entire media fraternity. This has become a regular incident in Maharastra, the growing intolerance and discontent herald by such factions of few political groups are brutal turmoil on the Indian plurality and integrity.

However the grand old party shiv sena should apologise to media fraternity for their hooliganism. Bal Thackeray should never encourage such act of violence. This reflects the extremist side of Shiv sena. The sena and MNS should realise that Maharastra cannot be developed and prosper on the edge of sword and aggression rather they should effort for highlighting the real issues affecting Maharastra and act in a democratic way.

The media holds an important position in one of the fourth pillar of our democracy that has played a meaningful role in its strengthening and anchored as voice of people to stand for their cause and present before us ‘Issues’ related to common man and national importance in a value neutral perspective.  The government should not indulge in the ritual of submitting their condolences for the attack but stern action should be taken to set a precedent so that no one in future can take the law and order to ransom.

Syed Khaja
New Delhi 60

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