Pick your Christmas tree

Pick your Christmas tree

Pick your Christmas tree

With the Christmas season here, most people are busy shopping for different decorations and things to spruce their place up. The festivities for most families start traditionally with setting up the Christmas tree and decorating it.

Shoppers and shopkeepers talk about the trends this year.

Since everyone wants to be different, there are people choosing artificial pine trees over their fir counterparts this year. Sonu Prakash, a customer at a shop on Avenue Road, says that he grew up in the USA, where the month of December marks the decorating of the tree and all the festivities related to it. “I still remember how I would sit with my friends and my sister and decorate the tree. Placing the star on the top would be the grand moment of the tree decorations. I have bought a pine tree this time since it looks really unique,” he says.

Like every year, Bangaloreans are busy shopping for trees at Avenue Road, Commercial Street, Shivajinagar and Dickenson Road.

Suresh, the owner of a Christmas stall at VR Plaza, Commercial Street, says that trees from two feet to 20 feet are available in his shop. “We also have trees in white, white and silver, red and the usual green colours. There are also pre-decorated trees, plain trees and trees with optical fibres,” says Suresh. He adds that pine trees are a craze this time.

“We even have a tree which is a mix of the two types. But our most unique tree for this season is the ten-footer, which has optical fibre leaves as well as lit stars on the end of the branches,” adds Suresh.

PS Anthony, store in-charge of the Evergreen Christmas Centre in Safina Plaza, says that the shop, which has been around since 10 years, has seen its regular customers. “We have different types of Christmas trees that vary in size. Our trees are thicker, which gives them a fuller look. Our customers know that we offer the best,” vouches Anth­ony.

Despite the small space, this shop has different trees and also has one of the latest trees in the market —  the ‘Heavy Snow Tree’, which in a mix of white and green. “We often make suggestions to our customers with the decorations as this varies. Some trees just need simple decorations but others should sport a heavy-laden look,” he adds. Ranging from Rs 900 to Rs 17,000, the shop has something for everyone.

Even churches across the City and various local bazaars are selling Christmas trees and decorations. Tina Lazarus, a third-year BCom student, will be shopping for the tree at the Holy Trinity Church, which she frequents. “I haven’t bought the tree yet, but it’s one of the most important things for Christmas. It is believed that the tree found during Christ’s birth were the fir and pine trees,” says Tina, adding, “decorating the tree is one of the most important things of the season.”