Hostel inmates fall ill to food poisoning

Hostel inmates fall ill to food poisoning

Hostel inmates fall ill to food poisoning

More than 150 students of the Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) Hostel at Electronics City, were rushed to hospitals on Sunday after complaining of vomiting and stomach pains. 

Students of the institute alleged that they developed nausea and severe diarrhoea after consuming food served at their hostel on Sunday. When symptoms persisted, the students were rushed to Vimalalaya Hospital and Ramakrishna Health Care in Electronics City. 

According to Dr Satish Babu, Resident Medical Officer, Vimalalaya Hospital, more than 50 students were admitted to the hospital late on Sunday night. “They complained of severe stomach pains, vomiting and loose stools — all indicative of food poisoning,” he said.     

While a few of them are said to be stable, the condition of a few others is relatively serious. “A few students also have high temperature and associated health complications,” Dr Satish added.  

Students who spoke to the media, alleged that this was not the first incident of its kind. “It had happened earlier as well. Even on August 12, we all fell sick after consuming food prepared here,” a student said, explaining that food is prepared in unhygienic conditions and that no action was taken despite repeated complaints. 

Students outragedAccording to reports, the outraged students allegedly damaged several television sets and water filters, in protest against the hostel administration’s indifference. Electronics City police, however, clarified that there were neither any protests nor was a formal complaint lodged. “The students only broke the windowpanes at the hostels,” a police source said. 

The management said that the institute will remain closed for Christmas holidays and re-open after further orders.