Raveena retains her 'mast mast' charm

Raveena retains her 'mast mast' charm

Overwhelming Response

Raveena retains her 'mast mast' charm

The mast mast girl is back. The four-year sabbatical has not taken a wee bit of masti off Raveena Tandon, who plays a feisty lawyer in her comeback vehicle, Chassini.

Raveena, who essays the role of a lawyer for the first time in her two-decade career, says she thoroughly enjoyed it and also said that her husband thought that the role suited her really well because she talked a lot.

But surprisingly, Raveena's re-entry has been a quiet one. "I am working for my satisfaction. I am not in any kind of rat race. So I want to take my own sweet time and work slow and easy," says Raveena in an interview to Metrolife.

Raveena was flooded with offers the minute she decided to stage a comeback but the lady has been rather choosy and wants to opt for films where the schedule would leave her with enough time to spend with her children, who are still very young.

So did she miss the industry when she took her rather long break? "Oh no, I didn't miss work at all. I enjoyed every bit of my motherhood but the response that I got on my return was overwhelming," she says.

Raveena wants to take off from where she left. She says she now prefers to do more meaningful roles that are strong in their character and content. She wants to do similar roles like the one she did in Shool, Daman and Satta. Characters that are unusual and convey a social message excite her. “I want to pick up from where I left. I have evolved as an actress. The more glamourous actor in me has given way to a more emotional and mature actor. But that doesn’t mean they’d be no glamour at all. The more compassionate side of me is what one will get to see," says Raveena.  

She has signed up for Gulab Gang which is about a band of women in Uttar Pradesh who set out to mete out their own justice to the offenders. Amair Jaffer's Black Forest focuses on the changing relationships in the city of Mumbai. “It's a take on the fast pace in which relationships change. It's a comedy," says Raveena who feels that relationships should last forever.

She’s excited about having to judge Chote Miya, a children's reality show, "You get to wear the best of clothes, the finest of jewellery and above all get paid to criticise people. Isn't that a great job?" she beams.

Though Raveena has acted in a TV serial Sahib Bibi Ghulam, she doesn't intend to return to the small screen, "There are too may channels and the competition has doubled which is something I wouldn't like to be a part of," she says.  Among the new age actors, Raveena admires Ranbir Kapoor and dubs him as the next Aamir Khan of sorts."He's brilliant," she gushes.

Raveena observes that earlier heroines would act in 30 films and yet get paid a paltry sum but today a heroine can pick and choose the movie she'd like to act in because the pay packets are huge.