Hooray! It's a holiday!


Thanks to exams and stress-filled schedules, students are always looking for a break. It’s vacation time for most students in the City and they have their own way of spending the holidays.

Sushmitha Raj, a first-year BCom student of Maharani Lakshmi Ammanni College for Women, says, “I have started practising yoga to lose weight. It’s my newest passion during the holidays. Apart from this, my dad is planning a family trip to different locations in Kerala, where our extended family will also be joining us.” She has also been reading a lot during these holidays. “I’ve started reading a lot of short stories, especially adventurous ones. While I started it for fun, I am sure it will help improve my vocabulary,” says Sushmitha.

Most agree that these vacations are a time to bond with family. Neha Kumari, a third year student of electrical and electronic engineering, CMR Institute of Technology, says, “I have exams before my break starts. I’m planning to do some internships and other certificate courses.” Neha adds that after her exams, she will relax and spend whatever time she gets with her family. “It has been a stressful month and I just want to be with the family on New Year’s Day,” she says.

Not having elaborate and well-planned schedules is the plan for some. Shravanthi Venkatesh, a post-graduate student with Christ University, says, “Usually, when we are home for vacations, we all just hit the road and go out for a picnic to a mango grove or any other pleasant space, where we have our own share of family fun with music and more.

Holidays also mean spending time with friends, family and my dog. We also have a barbecue for Christmas and will be doing the same this year as well.” Shravanthi says that the time away from books is quality holiday time and she loves hanging out with friends at their homes or coffee shops.

Then there are those who will be driving out of the City as part of their Christmas or New Year celebrations. Farhan, a third semester student of RV Institute of Management, will be heading to his native place to celebrate the feast with his Christian friends. “I can’t wait to indulge in different meats and other local delicacies. Also, we will be spending some time on the beach. We will party and dance till we drop,” he says.

Students like Jeevana Viswanathan, from Mount Carmel College, have their plans chalked out. She says, “I’ll be going to Coorg with friends for the New Year. Before that, my aunt and family will be at home, and we will be out watching movies and eating different types of food in various restaurants.” Jeevana wraps up, “Shopping is a must during this season, and I will be splurging on some new items for the New Year.”

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