US man tries to trade alligator for beer

A man who bizarrely tried to trade a live, four-foot alligator for a pack of beer at a convenience store in Miami has been cited for illegally attempting to sell the reptile by wildlife officials.

Fernando Caignet Aguilera was cited after he tried to trade the gator for beer at the Santa Ana Market in Miami on December 10.

Aguilera found the gator at a nearby park, trapped it and brought it to the store. He approached the clerk with the strange trade proposal, but the clerk called authorities.

"This is absolutely bizarre, I can't imagine somebody wanting to barter a live four-foot alligator for a 12-pack of beer, it makes no sense to me," Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokesman Jorge Pino said.

The alligator was taken from Aguilera and released back into the wild, reported.

Aguilera was cited for taking possession of and trying to sell the alligator.

Pino said it is prohibited to harass, touch or feed alligators in Florida.

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