Hungarian tradition at its best

The National Gallery of Modern Art, in collaboration with the Balassi Institute - Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, is holding an exhibition called ‘From Organic Forms to Light Art’, which showcases works by 40 contemporary artists.

There are 90 pieces on display, each varying in style and manner. This include oil and acrylic paintings and some works that have metallic embossing.

There are also those which look like sculptures in frames and others, which are in abstract style. The highlight of the exhibition is a small section, where enclosed inside curtains are colourful geometric patterns. These are intriguing in format.

The curator of the show, Attila Csaji, says, “Some art forms, such as the architecture of Gyorgy Csete, the organic spirit in statues of Sandor Csutoros and Istvan Ilyes, and the geometric figures by Tamas Konok and Adam Farkas, relate to the artistic value of this
exhibition,” he details.

About the variety that this exhibition has, Tibor Kovacs, director, Balassi Institute - Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, says that the exhibition is a perfect look into the past and materials borrowed from nature and humans, while technical and scientific innovations have also been included into the exhibition.

   “Sculptures in ceramics, wood, and in different genres are also a delightful part of this exhibition. This show cracks the common belief that science and art don’t go
together but instead presents them in the best format together,” says Tibor.

After inaugurating the exhibition, the Ambassador of Hungary, Janos Terenyi says that the title of the exhibition itself highlights the different offerings. “Hungarians always stick to tradition, while being open to modernism, and that is what is clearly seen in this art show. This is the third time that I’m at this show after the editions at Delhi and Mumbai. The exhibition was a revelation to me,” says Janos.

He excitedly adds that when his ten-year-old son saw the exhibition, he was awed simply by the variety of art showcased.

The audience was equally surprised by the different styles incorporated. Shantha Kumari, an art connoisseur, says that it’s rare that so many different styles of art with such a large number of artists is brought together for a show. “It’s like there’s something for everyone,” she remarks.

Audience members like Sangeetha say that the metallic effect of the paintings is something very unique. “The colour scheme and the different mediums explored are highly inspiring and explorative,” she wraps up. The exhibition will be on till January 12.

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