Naviluteertha: an ideal picnic spot

Naviluteertha: an ideal picnic spot

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Shankara Udyana or Navilutheertha garden beside the dam across River Malaprabha near Saundatti (Savadatti) of Belgaum district is an ideal picnic spot. The Navilutheertha dam was built in 1974.

This place is known as Naviluthertha because a large number of peafowls are found in this area. Even today, we can hear the melodious calls and cries of peafowl here.

This dam is the shortest dam in Karnataka — 155 m in height and 41 m in length, with four gates. The Renukasagar reservoir touches the low-lying areas of Saundatti, where a famous temple dedicated to Renuka devi is located. Renukasagar irrigates more than 2,000 sq km of agricultural land. It also supplies drinking water to Belgaum, Hubli-Dharwad, Gadag and Bagalkot. 

The reservoir, filled to the brim, offers an enchanting view. The windmills on the hill are very attractive to watch. The garden near the dam is a sight to behold with its ornamental flowers like salvias, daisies, marigolds and asters. The garden is beautifully landscaped and maintained. A statue of Shankara can also be found here.

If you proceed further, you will find a few other small gardens en route to the Malaprabha dam. On the way, a few spots are identified from where the reservoir can be seen. These are ideal for picnicking.

Adjacent to the dam is a temple dedicated Sri Rameswara, which is built below a huge boulder.