Good way to get acquainted

Good way to get acquainted

Patriotic spirits

Good way to get acquainted

For the students of Acharya Bangalore B-School (ABBS), it was time to uphold their patriotic spirits.

   Attired in the colours of the State flag, they took a day out from their academic calendar to bond over patriotic celebrations. 

ABBS organised Kannada Rajyotsava celebrations on its campus recently. 

The day kicked-off with a lecture where the students were introduced to the rich cultural heritage of Karnataka. Soon, it was time for all the students to get together and have fun. 

Events like fashion show, song recitals, folk song recitals and drama performances were the highlights of the celebrations. 

Sushma, a final-year MBA student, said, “Like every year, this year too, all the events were based on the theme ‘Kannada’. Students themselves came up with different concepts for the event. Two plays were staged as well. The play Modern Mahabharata was a spoof and was enjoyed by all. 

There was another comedy play which had students in splits.”The students were not just left to have fun. A quiz competition was held as a filler to engage the crowd. 

Sushma added, “When there was time between two events, it was utilised to teach students about the historical significance of Karnataka. This way, history became more interesting than ever and all of us were eager to get our answers right.”

The celebrations were not limited to just students from Karnataka alone.

  Students from other states too made the most of the day. Those who did not know Kannada found it the right time to learn a few things about the language. 

Naveen, a student, said, “Outside students took part in most of the events. Some even went to the extent of learning Kannada patriotic songs and reciting. Interestingly, though they were singing for the first time, they got the pronunciation right and did not make a single mistake. A few learnt the meanings of songs and danced on them. It was very inspiring for us too.”         

Some of the teachers too added to the spirit and danced to a few patriotic songs.  Then it was time for professional dancers to take over the stage. Students were enthralled by folk dance performances like dollu kunitha and yakshagana.   

The day came to an with the rendition of the State anthem by all the students and teachers.