Danger in the dark

Danger in  the dark

The BBMP has finally decided to mend the roads and expand them in some parts of the City. But it has not bothered to put up signboards warning citizens and motorists. Hence, there might be danger lurking in the dark on the streets of Bangalore.

The stretch near Viveknagar has been dug up for expansion for almost a month now. However, there are no signboards saying there is work going on, making things difficult for pedestrians and motorists.

Some citizens point out that in case one of the streetlights in the area stops functioning, the stretch becomes quite dark and the lack of a signboard poses a risk to the motorists.

“The area faces a heavy flow of traffic during the day and in the evenings. However, it becomes deserted after nine in the evening and it is very easy for a motorist to skid and fall in the dug-up area. It has been almost been a month since this area has been dug up. But we haven’t come across a board notifying the citizens. Though the authorities have tried to put barricades alongside the road, they are of no help at all as a huge part in the front is open,” says Ismail, an auto driver who frequents that stretch.

And it is not just the BBMP which is at fault. The BWSSB has the same approach. An example of this is the recent death of a small-screen actor after falling into a ditch dug by the BWSSB on MV Seetharamaiah Road.

The BBMP explains that as part of the road resurfacing work, it will dig up many such stretches but also try to provide boards warning citizens.

“We have started digging up many roads and have provided noticeboards in many such areas. In some cases, the noticeboards were removed later as they got misplaced during the peak hours. We will try and put these boards in the evening so that no accidents are caused,” says Somashekhar, the chief engineer of roads infrastructure, BBMP.

This is not the only hazardous stretch for motorists. The BBMP is making a median on the Outer Ring Road from Belandur towards Marathahalli, which will divide the main road from the service road.

The lack of any kind of precautionary board is making the traffic go haywire on this stretch and motorists are being inconvenienced.

The road near the Old Cemetery Road in Shivajinagar and a stretch on the CV Raman Road have also been dug-up.

Subhash, who lives around Belandur, points out that the road there is in a terrible state and adds to the problem.

“This road faces heavy traffic and has been in a pretty bad shape since last year. It’s very difficult to notice that the median work is going on and only when motorists go close will they realise that a median is being constructed,” he says.

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