Where sewage stink pervades the fresh morning air

Contaminated water enters Lalbagh lake, but officials in denial mode

Where sewage stink pervades  the fresh morning air

The morning walk in the Lalbagh Botanical Gardens is turning unpleasant. The stench due to sewage let into the lake and waste dumped near the West Gate is so much that it conceals even the fragrance of flowers at this 240-acre garden, say the morning walkers.

The sewage problem at Lalbagh lake seems to be never ending as repeated appeals by visitors has fallen on deaf ears. The place where the sewage is getting mixed with water is visible clearly.

“This sewage jets into the water from places like R V Road, South End Circle and Mohammedan Block. All appeals to the authorities to set right the problem have gone in vain,” said B Mohan, a morning walker.

Noting that the sewage water treatment plant has not been functioning to its full capacity, another walker Halagur Nagaraj said that the contaminated water enters the lake in such a huge quantity that last week even five motors were not sufficient to empty it out, before it entered the lake.

“They made an attempt to stop excess sewage from entering the lake, but in vain. To add to this, the treatment plant here is either overloaded or defunct,” he said.

“We have brought this to the notice of the authorities many times, but so far there is no action,” he said.

Sameena, another walker, said that the situation is bad after the weekends. “There are heaps of garbage dumped. The cleaning work is also slow,” she said. “Everything is fine about Lalbagh, except sewage,” she added.

“Sometimes, the stench is so bad that we cannot go near the lake. If this is the fate of the major lung space in the City, imagine the fate of other places,” said Kumar, who is visiting the park for the past 25 years.

Lalbagh authorities rubbished the allegations of sewage being let into the lake directly and said that it had been diverted towards the manhole. “We have done our best to prevent sewage from entering the lake.

There is absolutely no dirty water entering the lake. The water coming in does not enter the lake, it goes through the manhole and outside,” said J Gunavanta, deputy director, Department of Horticulture, Lalbagh.

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