Time to hold crime accountable

Time to hold crime accountable

Kannada (U/A) **
Director: Dayal
Cast: Malashree, Ayyappa Sharma, Muni and others

Honest cop, corrupt cop and a crime that turns more heinous with each such outing. Dayal Padmanabhan's Gharshane looks at peep shows, where the lines of morality, privacy and the like are erased in favour of providing those who have “lost something” for a price.

Throw in an element of vigilante justice or revenge and the plot thickens. Of course, somebody close to the lead actor gets affected, lending a personal angle as well.

Mysskin’s Yuddham Sei has certainly “inspired” the director enough who goes in for the kill, loading the film with enough action and more sound to drown out most of the spoken word. Indeed, Abhishek goes hammer and tongs from which it takes a while to recover. Manikant Kadri's music too pales in comparison. Rajesh Kata's work helps pace the mood of the film.

Gharshane seems drawn out in the climax, to accommodate the sibling sentiment. And yes, for those who got a “kick” out of Malashree's classic “Olage Seridare Gundu” may find the remixed version draining them of  all the ‘nashe.’ For those introduced to the song, it might seem to be just another remix.

Malashree gives her best to the role of CCB officer Netravathi, while Ashish Vidyarthi, Nanjunda, Kirthi and Ayyappa Sharma shine in their allotted screentime.

The director doesn’t try to go overboard with the “fetish,” which may leave some viewers confused.

This Gharshane has plenty to clash about, the assault on the ears not being the least.

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