Recreating nature with chiselled stones

After realising that replica of nature was impossible through artificial colours, artist Pankaj Moghe decided to paint using natural components, literally.

The artist, in an attempt to provide a realistic touch to his works, introduced pieces of chiselled stones in his works.

“I have been using chiselled stones for the last 20 years, after I realised that I was unable to recreate nature,” he says as he presents his collection, at one of the stalls on the Parishath premises.

His works popularly known as “3D art” thanks to the natural effects created by the stones, that are chosen and chiselled, based on an area a customer wants to highlight, in his paintings.

Moghe, a native of Nagpur, was earlier living in Pune. He shifted to Bangalore, with his wife Sarita Moghe, also an artist. The couple conduct drawing classes and admit one student at a time. “Art is something that cannot be taught in a group, since it is purely subjective,” he explained, adding, that some pick up in a few days, while the training goes on for months for a few others.

The couple also specialise in art on original stained glass, artificial stained glass, glass etching and frosting.

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