Role reversal

Role reversal

You buy certain things in life with the intent that they would come handy at certain times. But, what if the things you have bought don’t serve their purpose, and the entire object of buying, turns into a self-defeating exercise?

At my father’s place, we had bought a Pomeranian pet, presuming she’d guard us against intruders of dubious origin gaining an entry into our place. But lo! It was the other way around! As an instance, whenever we took her out for a stroll, the moment she saw massive humans or menacing mongrels, she’d feel so petrified that she’d nuzzle at our feet, beseeching us to cradle her in our arms. And when we stretched our arms, she would spring into them and sit there feeling secure, much to the amusement of onlookers. So rather than protecting us, she had to be protected always.

And then I had an exotic looking umbrella, with floral motifs all along its circumference. This umbrella was summer-friendly, and shielded me from scorching sunrays, whenever I ventured out shopping. This cute ‘thing’ downright detested the deadly downpours, and displayed its disapproval by completely curling upward, resembling humongous flower, with its central rib-region and handle, forming sepals and stalk respectively! So, the instant I saw any signs of showers, I’d sprint towards some shelter, to protect the umbrella from the rains!

I had this pair of cool sunglasses too, which tangibly hiked up anyone’s glam quotient, besides buffering the eyes against the deleterious impact of UV rays. But these ‘shades’ being a lover of salubrious climate, had a shortcoming too. I could sport them only when the weather was mildly hot. The minute the sun radiated blazing heat, I had to instantly fold and safeguard it inside my sling bag.   

Recently I have bought a swanky pair of stilettos, which has cost me a bomb. Its straps are encrusted with glittering stones in rainbow hues. I avoid wearing them to places such as temples where I would have to take them off, for the fear that it may get whisked off. This ain’t all. I shudder when I sight slushy puddles or surfeit sludge on streets, since the muck would mar its beauty. Yes, you’ve guessed it right! In an endeavour to protect my precious possession, ignoring the puzzled look of passers-by, dirtying my feet, I have walked many times, with its straps dangling from the crook of my little finger!