Modi attacks Shinde for his proposal on arrest of minority

Modi attacks Shinde for his proposal on arrest of minority

Accusing Congress of playing vote bank politics, BJP Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi today attacked Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde over his proposal to state governments to review terror cases against members of the minority community.

"Just look at their brazenness, they are playing communal politics. The Home Minister has written a letter to state governments that if you arrest a law breaker, see that Muslims are not arrested. Why is it so? Does a law breaker have any religion," he said while addressing a rally here.

"Will religion decide the fate of a law breaker whether he should be arrested or released? There should be no discrimination on basis of religion. One should not be punished for belonging to a particular religion but this should be for all people. There should be no vote bank politics," Modi said.

He said when the Prime Minister is asked about such letters, "he expresses surprise over them and says he will look into the matter. This is how he reacts and responds.
The BJP has hit out at Shinde for the way he is taking up the issue of criminal law where only public prosecutor and judge can take a final call on withdrawing cases and said the Home Minister is "ill-advised" on the matter as he has no right to withdraw such cases.

The BJP Prime Ministerial candidate made a veiled reference to the removal of Jayanti Natarjan from Environment Ministry, saying for the first time he had heard of "Jayanti tax" apparently referring to swirling allegations during her tenure.

"There was a storm over the Environment Ministry and all files were blocked. No file was moving without money. We had heard ofincome, sales and excise taxes but for the first time, we heard about a Jayanti tax in Delhi without which nothing was moving.

"Till the time that was not paid, files could not be moved in the Environment Ministry. I have never experienced it myself as I never need it but we are shocked on this. What kind of systems have they developed," he said.

Natarajan denied allegations levelled against her by Modi, saying the BJP leader was trying to target her as she has been very vocal against him in the past and had blocked two of his projects.

"It is a targeted personal attack. I totally deny what he says. It is completely baseless. There are major green violations in Gujarat. He was destroying the environment. I was opposed to his destruction of environment," Natarajan told PTI.

On the issue of restrictions over mining due to environmental issues, Modi said his party would "protect environment and bring transparency in mining" to help economy, whose growth depends on infrastructure, raw material and human resources.

In his address, Modi attacked the Gandhi family including former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi for "wasting" the first 50 years after independence and "weakening" the constitutional institutions and centralising the power in one centre which has no accountability.

Rajiv Gandhi about ushering in a new India in the 21st century but nothing has changed, he said.

"People asked me how will you be different. I tell them we will do away with these ills. We believe in decentralisation and there will be accountability," Modi said.

The BJP leader said the Congress has become the symbol of a culture which includes "corruption, dynasty politics, patriarchy, communalism, vote bank politics" and the BJP was determined to rid the country of "all these ills".

As India completes 75 years of independence in 2022, Modi said it was possible that India develops to be globally competitive and admired as well as be locally inspiring and inclusive and gave the slogan of "United India - Grand India".

He also invoked Mahatma Gandhi for taking the nation forward and asked the Centre to celebrate his 150th birth anniversary five years later in a big way, as also the centenary year of Gandhi's return to India.

Asking Indians abroad to participate in bringing a "change" in the country, he said NRIs should not be seen for their investment but should utilise their experience in India.

"India faces a water shed election in a few months. At this crucial juncture in our nation's history, you too should not stay back. You must be a part of the revolution taking place. Try and come back to vote at the time of elections. If that is not possible, actively engage with the political process from wherever you are," he said.

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