India asked to block access to sites: Verizon

India had asked US telecom giant Verizon to block access to certain websites in the country last year, the company has claimed.

Verizon, which became the first major US telecom carrier to release a “transparency report”, according to which it received 320,000 data queries last year from the US, however, did not reveal the details of the websites which were blocked.

“We were required to block access to websites in India but are precluded by law from identifying the specific number of websites,” said Verizon on Wednesday, adding that India was one of the five countries which had made such a request.

“On occasion, we are required by government orders, regulations or other legal requirements to block access to specified websites outside the US. While we have not received such blocking demands in the United States, we did receive such demands in five countries in 2013,” it said.

“In Colombia, we were required to block access to approximately 1,200 websites that the Colombian government believed contained child pornography. In Greece, we were required to block 424 sites related to online gambling,” it said.

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