Terrific thrash metal for all

Rock lovers had a whale of a time during the weekend as Bangalore-based band ‘Kryptos’ took the stage at the Max Mueller Bhavan. The concert was held in honour of the band, which celebrated 15 years on the metal scene and performed at the third edition of the ‘Wacken Open Air Festival’. Its music is traditional metal mixed with the aggression of the thrash metal of the 80s.

Another Bangalore-based band ‘Theoroized’ opened for ‘Kryptos’. While the songs ‘Theorized’ played were influenced by the popular thrash metal bands, ‘Kryptos’ played a combination of thrash metal as well as hard rock and gave the audience a taste of different genres of music.

Madhav, one of the members of ‘Theorized’, said that the band’s inspirations are thrash metal bands like ‘Exodus’ and ‘Evermore’. “We have been playing for eight years now and really enjoy performing in Bangalore as there are new faces every time we perform. This show is very special to us as it is like a prelude to our latest album, which is going to be launched soon,” he said.

The band had an interesting set list and set the mood for the evening by performing some of its popular numbers like ‘Bound’, ‘Rebound’, ‘Psychosphere’, ‘Rip Tide’ etc.
Soon, ‘Kryptos’ took over and played some of its powerful numbers for the audience. The band even took requests from the crowd, which was enjoying the show and singing along.

Abhishek, who was there for the concert with his friends, was quite excited to listen to ‘Kryptos’. “They are one of the biggest names in Bangalore and have also performed in a couple of shows abroad. I enjoy their music and have been to almost all their shows in the City. They have a great mix of songs and make sure that the audience has a good time at every show of theirs,” he said.

The crowd was a mix of students and young professionals among others. Nandini, who attended the concert with her friends, enjoyed the show.

“I am not a huge fan of thrash metal and haven’t attended many concerts. However, I am having fun here. I have heard a lot about ‘Kryptos’ and wanted to hear them at some point. Since my friends were going for the concert, I tagged along and now, I am liking their music,” she said.

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