In wonder of six yards

In wonder of  six yards

The store manager with the help of a translator showcased the rich weaves and textures of a whole range of silks, handlooms and brocades to the attentive gathering inviting them to come up and drape the garments around themselves. As some of them sportingly clambered onto the sales platform area, they were cheered on by their friends as the sales assistants helped them pleat the sarees and drape the pallav over their shoulders in the traditional manner.

While many of them were newbies never having seen the saree broken down to the basics before, Tomoko, a member of Sakurakai actually came to the store wearing one. “I am very comfortable in a saree. In fact, I drape the saree myself without help from anyone. I have a penchant for traditional garments and wear a kimono quite frequently,” she explained.
“As compared to sarees, the formal kimono is very complicated to wear. There are many accessories and layers  that come with it and it takes around 20 minutes to wear one. A basic silk embroidered kimono costs around Rs 25 thousand but most people like to wear the yukata, or summer kimono. It is made from very lightweight cotton and is  comfortable for warm and humid summers. That is why we prefer Western clothes for everyday wear and keep the kimono for very special occasions,” she explains.

What mainly piqued the ladies’ interests were the ready-to-wear sarees that could be worn in a jiffy. The whole ensemble came in a pre-pleated format with the pallav ready to drape over the shoulder. “This makes sense as it is difficult to get help to dress in a saree all the time. We can buy these and carry them back home and wear them for special occasions quite easily,” said Kaol.

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