Kaiga: Leak remains mystery

Kaiga: Leak remains mystery

KAPS officials have handed over a list containing the names of workers who were on duty at the plant on the intervening night of November 23 and 24 to the teams.
Several contract workers who hailed from Bangladesh but have now acquired Indian citizenship, have started returning home, fearing that they would be interrogated. One such worker, who was returning to his hometown, told a local leader: "I was working at the reactor. Generally, all workers drink water from the cooler, but I have not heard anybody taking ill after drinking the cooler water."

No complaint filed

Even eight days after the incident occurred, no complaint has been filed at the Mallapura Police Station near Kaiga. Officials from the plant are said to have rejected the assistance of the local police, telling them that they will seek their help if necessary.

The district administration has received sketchy information. The administration cannot intervene without permission from the KAPS officials. The officials seem to be dilly-dallying on sharing information with the local police or district administration, in an effort to maintain secrecy.

Outstation workers

The plant maintenance work is generally awarded to a private contractor. The estimated number of contract labourers was around 3,000 and majority of them were from outside the state. The local police station has no information on these labourers.