People's Problems

People's Problems

Unruly behaviour of conductor

I am a student of class VI. I was travelling in BMTC bus No (401K). The ticket price was Rs 12 but as I did not have any change I gave the conductor Rs 20. I asked him for change and he refused to do give and made fun of me. The conductor shouted at me when I demanded change. Strict action should be taken against such conductors. I hope BMTC takes a strict action.

Sumanth S V, Venkat International Public school

BWSSB apathetic to water woes

The residents of urban clusters on TC Palya Main Road are facing acute water shortage. Repeated complaints to authorities have not yielded any response. Several calls and SMSes to engineers have failed to elicit any reply. The problem was reported in these columns also. Ichangemycity/Janagraha lodged a complaint on behalf of the residents (W1235) and the residents themselves filed a complaint (W4158). Women of this locality went to BWSSB office and gave written complaint. The public relations officer does not receive the calls. Not a single BWSSB officer has turned up till today to address the issue. This is really a poor state of affairs.

Residents of urban clusters, behind Reliance Fresh, TC Palya Main Road

Extend BMTC service
Residents at 24th Main End (JP Nagar 5th Phase,Puttenhalli) have to walk about a kilometer to catch a BMTC bus (up to 15th Cross,Nandini Hotel). Autorickshaws refuse to ply for short distances during morning hours. Therefore, BMTC route No.2 Bus (Kempegowda Bus Stand to JP Nagar 6th phase) may kindly be extended up to 24th main end every 30 or 45 minutes. This will be of great help for all the residents here. Alternatively a few BMTC buses on route 215CA from market to Jambusavari Dinne may be routed through 24th main end.

M Panduranga Rao, JP Nagar 5th Phase

Public toilets on City outskirts needed

Residents living on the outskirts do not have public urinals and toilet facilities. People moving on the main roads, many a times, face embarrassing situations. Elderly people and children relieve themselves by the roadside and the stench emanating after some time, makes movement for others on the road a miserable experience. The plight of women is more miserable. Palike authorities have to construct public urinals and toilets at least in some busy spots on the arterial and main roads on the outskirts of the city. Hope the Palike responds positively and swings into action.

Shankaranarayan, Krishnanagar

Drainage work at a snail’s pace

The drainage work in 4th to 7th crosses of Ramachandrapura Main Road (Near BEL Market) is proceeding at snail’s pace. The work, has been going on for two years ago. All the drains have been blocked. Main Road as well as the lanes have also gone from bad to worse these days. People cannot walk on these roads due to lot of dust and uneven humps. The elected representatives from the area tell a different story each time. Will the authorities concerned do the needful please?

Dr Ramaraja Urs, Ramachandrapura

Roads in poor condition

The roads in Samruddhi Layout, Padmanabha Nagar (ward 182) are in pathetic condition. Since this is a short-cut route from Uttarahalli Main Road to Kumaraswamy Layout, most motorists prefer to use it. But the roads in this area are in bad shape. Also, stinking odour spreads from an open drainage pipeline in the area, which also increases the risk of diseases. The authorities concerned are requested to do the needful.

Ashwini Subban, Chikkalasandra.

Regulate mobile towers on terraces

It is time to stop erecting mobile towers in BTM Layout 2nd stage, KAS Officers’ Colony. There have been more than 10 telecom towers in this residential locality, affecting the residents of the area. The house owners are allowing telecom providers to instal the towers on the terrace just because of the high rent they get from the companies, with no care for the neighbours or the residents. A house under construction on the 36th main road has already made provision for the mobile tower. Even the courts have ruled that telecom towers should not be installed in residential areas, but the telecom companies and house owners are just ignorant of the court directives as well as public health. The authorities concerned have to act immediately.

BTM Layout residents

Reserve more seats for elderly

Only four seats are reserved for senior citizens in buses and this is insufficient. Elderly people are compelled to travel for long distances, standing all the way. Sometimes some young people offer seats also, but they are very rare. At least 15 seats should be reserved for senior citizens in city buses. When the seats are vacant, others can sit, but must leave the seats when senior citizens board the bus. This arrangement will be of much help for senior citizens.

B S Ganesh

Ply BMTC buses to Sadashivanagar

People residing near Vyalikaval, Sadashivnagar and Swimming Pool Extension are facing a lot of trouble travelling to City Market, Majestic, Shivajinagar and Jayanagar. No BMTC bus is available going through Palace Guttahalli Main Road and Malleswaram to these areas. They need to walk either to Link Road or KC General Hospital to catch these buses which is more than 1.5 km away. Only 176 and rarely 104 or very rarely 36B is seen plying on this route. It will help many students and other commuters if more buses are introduced on the above routes. Earlier 102 and 103 used to ply but, they were withdrawn. Hope the BMTC authorities will take note of this seriously and introduce more buses.

Harshala Raghuram 

Provide bus shelter

The BMTC stop at Sapthagiri College of Engineering, Hesaraghatta Main Road, opposite Chimney Hills, lacks bus shelter. It is very tiring to wait for buses in the scorching heat without any kind of shelter. Kindly provide the same at the earliest so that it benefits hundreds of students.

B L Narasimhan, Sapthagiri College of Engineering

Poor work on footpath

The stone and cement slabs on the footpath on the drains on either side of the Devegowda and Munireddypalya main roads, in ward 46 have been haphazardly laid after desilting the drains. They are unevenly placed, shaky, protruding and broken in the middle and missing at some places, making them precarious for pedestrians, particularly the elderly. As a result, the pedestrians are compelled to walk on the busy road endangering their lives and limbs. The Palike authorities are requested to construct a smooth footpath for the benefit of pedestrians.

Nazir Ahmed, Mathadahalli 

Lack of bus service

The students of Krupanidhi college are finding it difficult to travel from the nearest bus stop to the college due to lack of bus services. We have to walk around two km to reach the bus stop and the autos demand Rs 70 to Rs 80 for this short distance. Further, the stretch is neither safe to walk alone. The authorities concerned are requested to redress the grievance.

Sudha, Krupanidhi College

Garbage menace in Kalyan Nagar

Mounds of garbage have been piling up in the areas adjacent to Kalyan Nagar despite the admirable job done by the BBMP-pourakarmikas combined. What is worse, some nefarious elements are setting the garbage mounds on fire, leading to emission of toxic fumes. That this is a sight more in the vicinity of affluent neighbourhoods is even more deplorable. Will the authorities concerned put an end to this practice, and severely fine the offending parties?

An affected citizen 

Prevent misuse of playgrounds

The Durgaparameshwari Grounds in JP Nagar second phase is used by the local people for playing sports. It is located near RV Dental College and Rangashankara. Of late, increasing number of concerts, events and exhibitions take place here which take up 70 pc  area of the ground, leaving almost nothing for the youth and kids to play in. These events take place every week. Also loud music is an integral part of these events which makes the windows in the neighbourhood vibrate causing disturbance. The setting up the stage for these events are not any less noisy. After these events, the ground is left so dirty. No one cleans this mess. This problem must be looked into. 

Madhuri Shashidhar

Shoddy work on footpath

The footpaths laid around Bashyam circle, Rajajinagar are perhaps examples of ‘how not to’ for our future contractors. Polished granite stones have been used for pavements, which though look attractive, turn slippery with water on the surface. Even otherwise, it is a tough balancing act on the smooth surface. Even the slabs on the footpath have not been laid well. They tilt as soon as one steps on them. Added to this, the so-called foot paths have foot steps favouring smooth manoeuvrability of vehicles moving in and out of individual premises. It appears that the BBMP has no guidelines to insist contractors for executing the work effectively.

T S Rajan, Rajajinagar