The surprise lies within

The surprise lies within

Samosa fillings

Does the thought of a rainy day remind you of piping-hot tea served with samosas generously stuffed with spicy, tangy-flavoured potatoes?

Well, your answer has to be a yes. But why limit yourself to potatoes when samosas now come packed with fillings ranging from noodles, pizza, macaroni, cheese and peas, apart from the humble ‘aloo’.

Agreed, one can’t beat the marvels of Chandni Chowk’s samosas served with chhole, and people still watch movies in Delite cinema, partly, to grab a bite of the delicious samosas served with pudina chutney in its canteen, even though its price has escalated to Rs 40 over the years! But do not miss out on the varied range of samosas that the chefs in the City are trying their hands at.

Sanjay Wadhwa reminisces  about the time he first experimented with a ‘chowmein samosa’ at a school canteen based in Tilak Vihar. “The idea was a hit amongst the students,” he says, as his partner DK Tiwari nods in agreement. Taking their cue from the positive response, the duo now sell a whole range of samosas at their shop ‘Nukkad Snacks’ in Jhandewalan.

 “We throw in a surprise element now and then by trying out a variety that is off the menu. Something like a meetha samosa is quite
popular, as it has the same ingredients that you put in a gujjiya.” Claiming that his ‘pizza samosas’ draw a lot of customers to his shop, he adds, “We are going to introduce vegetarian biryani, malai paneer and chana samosa, shortly.”

But Sanjay is not the only one experimenting with this very basic of Indian snacks, as Kumar Samose in Karampura, is equally famous for his range of samosas, especially, the tandoori paneer version. For the takers of the traditional variety served with the best chholey in town, checkout Bittoo Tikki Wala’s samosas that would leave you asking for more. As you dash out to try these amazing varieties, make sure you stuff your wallet sufficiently, as gone are the golden days when samosas came for Rs 5 a piece. Today, they are usually priced above Rs 18
per piece.