Addicted to juice

Addicted to juice

In a City that’s always been known for its pub culture, it is surprising to find a number of juice centres in every nook and corner.

It’s these new juice bars that are gaining prominence, especially among the health-conscious. A popular concept in the West, these bars are known for their enticing combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables. From ‘Booster Juice’ branches across Bangalore to ‘Addict Juice Bar’ in Koramangala to the numerous local ones, there’s quite a crowd attracted to them.

At Dosa Sagar Juice Shop, located inside the Rex Theatre complex, one can find Suraj busily making fresh juice at any time of the day. “I’ve been in this business for the last 25 years and now, I’m so used to it that despite the tiny profit margins, I can’t try a different profession. I offer very limited fruit juices like orange, carrot, pomegranate, watermelon and grape, each of which costs Rs 25. The menu has been cut down over the years because I’ve realised that people only like certain fruits and vegetables in juice form,” he explains.

He adds that a point to keep in mind is that a typical juice bar customer is picky, making the location and quality of ingredients crucial. “I invest in mineral water bottles and get my fruits from City Market every morning. Most of my customers are particular about these factors and want to see the level of hygiene with their own eyes. That’s the exact reason why many of my competitors located on main roads or near drains have shut down,” he says.

Jayananda, who works at ‘Juice Junction’ on St Mark’s Road, says that the trick to this trade is good hygiene, seasonal fruits and affordability. “Our orange juice might be the most fast-moving item but the profitability is in getting the best seasonal fruit juices. Strawberry season just got over and mango season is right around the corner. That’s where the money is,” he opines.

Neha, who visits ‘Juice Junction’ every evening, says that the fresh and quick service is what attracts her. “It’s nicer to step out of office for a mosambi juice than to grab a beer on a daily basis. Plus, these shops usually have light snacks like sandwiches or chaat, making it a tempting package,” she shares.

But Sachin S, a fitness freak, feels that it is dicey to drink juices from random places. “What worries me is not knowing where they get their ice from and whether there have been flies sitting on the fruits. Instead of taking that risk, I prefer making juice in the comfort of my own kitchen,” he concludes.