BJP launches poll slogan 'Abki baar, Modi sarkar'

BJP launches poll slogan 'Abki baar, Modi sarkar'

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BJP launches poll slogan 'Abki baar, Modi sarkar'

Attempting to replicate the resonating election slogan Atal Bihari Vajpayee used in 1998, the BJP has launched Narendra Modi centric publicity titled ‘Abki Baar, Modi Sarkar’ (This time, Modi government).

The new slogan has been borrowed from “Abki Bari, Atal Bihari”  that was aimed at capitalising on the persona of Vajpayee which catapulted the BJP to power.  

The opposition party is banking to cash in on Modi’s popularity evident in surveys which are pitching him as the most sought after candidate among others in the fray.

But, the only difference between the two slogans is that this time the party is seeking votes on Modi government’s performance in Gujarat. Besides, the party is also sending ‘raths’ to parliamentary constituencies that will have pre-recorded speeches and visuals of Modi in 3D format.

Apart from using the technology which also includes social media, the party is giving equal emphasis to the traditional mode of reaching out to the people which they believe is more effective as it establishes direct contact between the workers and voters.

At each of the 9 lakh polling booth, there would be ten groups and everyone would be given a page containing a list of 30 to 40 voters for establishing contact.

Besides, the BJP has also formed 60 to 70 ‘nukkad natak’ teams which would conduct street plays to spread word about the party and its programmes.