Inspiring the young

Inspiring the young


Inspiring the young

sportive Leander Paes

Each of us is influenced by another human being. We admire people for various reasons. Not perhaps for being perfect but for being outstanding in some areas. Dedication towards work, social and humanitarian work are some of the things that youngsters find inspiring.

Ganesh, who works with TCS, says he is inspired by Leander Paes, especially Paes’ patriotic spirit. “According to me, he is a perfect role model for youth. He has all the adorable qualities. In spite of his ill-health, he played for Davis Cup and always performs better while playing for the country. He kept aside his differences with Bhupati and came forward to play along with him in Davis Cup,” says Ganesh.

For more or less the same reason, he admires Pullela Gopichand, who refused to campaign for multi-national beverages citing they are not good for health.
“When some sport figures are earning huge money from commercials, his decision seems different. He has listened to his conscience and taken a proper decision,” he adds.

Nivedita, a PUC girl at MES College, adores Taslima Nasreen. It is because of her strong attitude. “After fleeing from Bangladesh due to her controversial work, she has been living with constant threats to her life. But look at her guts, she sticks to her opinion and has refused to apologise. Only a few people can be like this,”
Nivedita informs.

African singer Shakira inspires Meghana, thanks to her compositions. “She is a multitasking girl. She works so much on a single day. She is an example on how much an individual should work to achieve something in life. Whatever may be her personal issues, I am only concerned about her dedication and talent,” she says.

Guru Hublikar is a nature lover. He is worried about the issues of climate change. Al Gore, former US vice president and Maneka Gandhi are his favourite personalities.
“Al Gore has true concern for the environment. He is the only politician who shows his deep concern on climate change. Maneka Gandhi is also doing a great job by protecting animal rights,” says Guru.

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