15-hour ordeal for Air India passengers in Oman

15-hour ordeal for Air India passengers in Oman

Over a hundred passengers in Oman's capital Muscat went through a 15-hour ordeal after an India-bound Air India flight got delayed at the Seeba International Airport.

The Muscat-Mumbai-Ahmedabad Air India flight Monday was grounded due to a problem with the aircraft's tyres, the Times Of Oman reported Tuesday.

"We were supposed to fly to Mumbai at around 12 midnight yesterday (Sunday). But by 12.30 a.m., the airline officials informed us that the flight will be delayed without revealing any reason for the delay," a passenger was quoted as saying.

The flight left Muscat only by 2.45 p.m. Monday.

"The flight had tyre problem and it led to the delay in departure," a senior Air India official said.

"We had to bring in a new tyre and parts from India. Technicians were also flown in to fix it. This caused the delay," the official said.

Meanwhile, several passengers complained over lack of accommodation.

"There were many who were travelling with some emergency purpose and had a short period of leave. Even our luggage was not given back by the airlines," a passenger said, complaining that they were not looked after well.