Notifications issued for 4th and 5th phases of LS election

Notifications issued for 4th and 5th phases of LS election

Notifications were today issued for Lok Sabha election to 125 constituencies across 16 states which will go to polls on April 12 and April 17.

While seven constituencies in four states will have election on April 12 in the fourth phase, a maximum of 121 constituencies spread across 12 states will participate in the electoral exercise on April 17, the fifth phase.

Candidates in these constituencies can file nominations till March 26, for which scrutiny will take place the next day.

Nominations can be withdrawn till March 29.

Three seats in Assam, two in Goa and one each in Sikkim and Tripura will go for polls on April 12, Saturday.

Seven seats in Bihar, three in Chhattisgarh, one each in Jammu and Kashmir and Manipur, six in Jharkhand,  28 in Karnataka, 10 in Madhya Pradesh, 19 in Maharashtra, 11 in Odisha, 20 in Rajasthan, 11 in Uttar Pradesh and 4 in West Bengal will go for polls on April 17.

The Election Commission had recently changed the Lok Sabha poll date for Goa and one seat in Jharkhand due to religious festivals following demands for the same.

The date for the two constituencies going to Lok Sabha polls in Goa was advanced from April 17 to April 12.

Similarly, the date of polling in Hazaribagh constituency was postponed from April 10 to April 17.

On April 2, notification will be issued for Lok Sabha elections to 89 constituencies across nine states, while on April 12 another notification will be issued for the 8th phase of polling on May 7 in 64 constituencies in seven states.

The 9th and the last phase of general election will be held on on May 12 in which electorate of 41 constituencies spread across three states will exercise their franchise. The notification for the last phase will be issued on April 17.

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