Congo woman alleges rape

Congo woman alleges rape

Police find no evidence in CCTV footage to back charge

A 20-year-old woman from Congo has alleged gang-rape by two cloth vendors in her house at south Delhi’s Malviya Nagar on Friday. Police, however, are yet to confirm the incident as CCTV footage of the building did not show any vendor at the time of the attack claimed by the woman.

In her complaint to police, she claimed that the incident took place around 12.30 pm. She was alone in the rented house in Hauz Rani when two cloth vendors knocked on the main door.

As she wanted to buy some clothes, she allowed the vendors to enter her house. Noticing her alone in the house, the vendors allegedly overpowered her.

‘Gagged, gang-raped’

“It is claimed that they gagged her mouth, took turns to rape her and then fled,” said a police officer.

She was also threatened with dire consequences if she informed police.

She, however, immediately approached her neighbours and friends, and made a call to the police control room. Investigating officers have recorded her statement and she was also sent for a medical examination.

A senior police officer said they are trying to verify the woman’s claims as she was changing her statements.

CCTV clip

“We have gone through the footage of a CCTV camera installed at the entrance of the building where she lives, but no cloth vendors were seen on the available footage since morning to late afternoon,” the officer said.

Police said they are waiting for the woman’s medical medical report to verify her allegations. Police have learnt from her neighbours that she had earlier threatened her landlord to implicate him in a case of rape.

Meanwhile, some of her acquaintances staged a demonstration over the incident outside Malviya Nagar police station on Friday evening. They were pacified after senior police officers intervened.