BJP galvanises machinery to maximise benefits

BJP galvanises machinery to maximise benefits

BJP galvanises machinery to maximise benefits

The internal organisation machinery for election logistics and management of the State BJP is getting galvanised to maximise the gains in the coming elections.

On Friday, the BJP held a workshop for members of the Bangalore North Lok Sabha election management committee and its various departments. Modelled by the RSS, such election management committees and its affiliate wings have been constituted in each of the 28 Lok Sabha constituencies.

BJP functionaries point out that the committees are constituted at three levels - one at the State level, one at the Lok Sabha constituency level; one each at the Assembly constituencies coming under the respective Lok Sabha segment. 

The committees oversee the functioning of 12 to 16 wings coming under them. Each wing is given specific responsibilities right from organising publicity material to holding rallies. To start with, an election office is opened in each of the constituencies as soon as the party officially announces its candidate.

Once the candidatures are announced, the committees and departments start about their task. The functionaries point out that two dedicated party cadres handle each of the wings.

The various wings include one for publicity material, one in charge of media, one for the women’s wing, one for booth workers’ coordination, fund management, one to keep accounts and one wing comprising preferably lawyers to handle election related complaints and one for co-ordinating with VIPs in the constituency.

Then there are wings that exclusively cater to vehicle requirement and tours/campaign by the candidate. The functionaries pointed out the wings work in tandem and meet on a regular basis for co-ordination till the completion of the polls.