It will be tough for Asia, says Cherry

It will be tough for Asia, says Cherry

It will be tough for Asia, says Cherry

The lack of team events and possible communication gap could make the job difficult for Asia-Pacific as they seek to regain the Sir Michael Bonallack Trophy from Europe, felt Asia-Pacific Golf Confederation chairman Prof David Cherry.

“Of the seven editions so far, Europe have won five while we’ve won just two,” said Cherry at a press conference here at the Karnataka Golf Association on Monday. “Here in Asia, we don’t play much of matchplay golf unlike Europe. Moreover, very often a Korean will be teeing off with a Japanese. Both don’t speak either of their languages and communication at times is a problem.

“Having said that, we’ve practiced hard over the last couple of weeks and the sunny conditions suit us. The Europeans are coming off a very cold winter and adapting won’t be easy for them. The boys played a few holes and felt the course was very flat. Accuracy is going to be the key. It should be a very interesting three days and we are game for the challenge.”

Keisuke Muratsu, chairman of the Championship Committee, complemented the KGA for the good course conditions despite the heavy traffic it witnesses everyday. “I think KGA is one of the busiest golf courses in the world. I presume there are about 250 rounds a day, which is quite a lot. Add the weekends to it and the numbers are incredible.

“Despite that, the conditions are in top shape. Whenever we’ve visited the course, it has been in great shape. I heard the greens here are quick and we are going to speed them up more. It’s going to be challenging task ahead for all the golfers.”

The Michael Bonallack Trophy was initially scheduled to be held at the KGA in 2010 but the event petered out into an exhibition one after European players were unable to make the trip due to the volcanic ash disruption in Iceland. Delighted to be back, Cherry said the decision to return was a simple one since KGA didn’t get its due last time.

“I’m confident by the end of the tournament, all the golfers will be a pleased lot.”