A special gift for the festival

A special gift for the festival


RmKV is introducing its newest sari in the ‘Naturals’ range, woven from intrinsically pink yarn, after two years of experimentation.  

The sari features ‘Gandaberunda’, the royal symbol of Mysore, as a tribute to the master weavers of Karnataka.

Conceptualised in RmKV’s design studio, this sari is part of ‘RmKV Divya Shilpa Collection’, launched for the Ugadi festival and woven on specially created looms by handpicked master-weavers.

RmKV is known for its innovations in the field of silk weaving.

Keeping customer needs in mind, it has, over the years, pioneered several technological breakthroughs, leading to the 50,000 colour sari, the reversible silk sari, the Hamsa Damayanti sari to name a few.

The art of dyeing garments from dyes derived from natural substances was a forgotten one through the years.

RmKV, through its 'Naturals’ line of silks, revived this tradition after extensive research and painstaking experimentation.