11 Mumbai girls rescued from 'live band' in City

11 Mumbai girls rescued from 'live band' in City

The Central Crime Branch (CCB) of Bangalore police claim to have rescued 11 girls from Mumbai who were forced to perform in a live band at a pub in the City. 

It has also arrested four suspects — Sanjay Jaswant, Mohammed Najmi, Faizan and Mohammed Azam — while another is on the run. The CCB said it raided a house in Mallathahalli after receiving a tip-off from one of the victims. 

‘Women bartenders’

The suspects, the CCB went on, had “promised” their friend, Karan — who runs Crazy Nights, a pub in the City — to get girls who can perform live dance at his tavern.

They planned to run a live band at the pub on the pretext of hiring the girls as women bartenders, since live bands are banned in the City, said the CCB. 

Accordingly, they hatched a plan and went to Mumbai where they approached college girls, offering them short-term jobs of brand promotion in Bangalore. The girls, hoping to make some quick buck, accepted the “offer” and ended up coming to Bangalore, the CCB explained. 

The suspects, however, confined the girls to a house. The girls did not have an idea what they would have to do until they were taken to the pub and forced to entertain the customers.

‘Dire consequence’

The suspects warned them of dire consequences if they failed to comply with the “orders”, the CCB said. 

The suspects have been booked for slavery and other charges. Karan is being pursued by the Jnanabharathi police under whose jurisdiction the house falls.