Soaked in tradition

Soaked in tradition

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Soaked in tradition

melting Kiwi cake. dh photos by Manjunath M S

There is one thing that hasn’t changed most Bangaloreans with age. That is their love for Thom's Bakery, which is more than a mere landmark. Located at the beginning of Wheeler Road and on the corner of Promenade Road in Fraser Town, this place has shaped the taste of Bangaloreans for generations.

The bakery has a loyal customer base, thanks to its fresh pastries, that get sold within a few hours, its patties, bread and plum cakes that are a rage during Christmas.

There maybe fancier places a mere stone's throw from Thom’s. But nothing compensates for the homely elegance and familiar faces which make people drive as far as 20 km to shop at Thom’s.

There are similar supermarkets that have sprung up in the vicinity but Thom’s still has its loyal customers. Binu Thomas, the owner of Thom’s, owes the consistent footfalls to good service, moderate pricing and good quality of the products. “There are a lot of school kids who come here for a quick snack. So it’s impossible to raise the price of our bakery items and even the groceries are priced at a reasonable rate to attract more customers,” Binu told Metrolife.

Started in 1970, Binu says he doesn’t plan to expand the place, “We don’t have the time to manage another outlet,” he says.

Thom’s is most popular for its bakery items, from the choicest of cakes to puffs to patties, to different types of bread to almost every variety of snacks. Pass by the store anytime in the morning and the aroma of freshly baked cakes, patties and bread linger on. Dark chocolate cakes, Kiwi strawberry, chocolate coconut cake, chocolate mousse, chocolate cream pie... are among the popular items.

Come Christmas time and Thom’s bakes its very special rich plum cake that is a rage with those who shop there. The fruits are soaked in rum two months before Christmas and the cakes are baked close to Christmas time. During Easter, the Easter eggs are made from pure cashew, glucose and sugar as well. It comes in five different flavours.