Cong promoting weak leadership: Tejaswini

Cong promoting weak leadership: Tejaswini

Cong promoting weak leadership: Tejaswini

The collective leadership policy of the Congress is like 10 pilots flying a plane where no one has any idea about the route. All end up with the collapse of plane in midway. BJP has a experienced pilot Narendra Modi who can successfully fly the plane and one can board into flight with faith, said former MP Tejaswini Gowda.    

Speaking after inaugurating BJP women workers’ conference, organised by BJP Mahila Morcha, Mangalore South Assembly Constituency, here, on Saturday, Tejaswini said that Modi is the only leader who can deal with the problems of the country and can make it a super power. Congress claims that Rahul Gandhi is capable than Modi to lead the country. If so, who stopped them from choosing Rahul as the Prime minister in these 10 years? she also alleged that Congress is promoting weak leadership.

Mocking at the Congress manifesto which states that UPA government would work on uniting nation, she ridiculed that the Congress is expert in dividing nation. “They did it in Andhra Pradesh and getting ready to do it in Uttar Pradesh. History says that Hindu Maha Sabha opposed the dividing of the nation after independence, but Congress did it on basis of community. If Congress calls me communal for questioning it, I am proud to be a communal,” she said. 

Stating that the BJP is the only party to give 33 per cent reservation within the party, she said all parties including the Congress have failed in giving 50 per cent reservation in seat allotment. 

The former MP said that State government is passing a wrong message by providing rice for Re 1 for 80 per cent of the population.

 “Indians are not so poor to expect free rice. However, while the price of daily commodities has been skyrocketing what is the use of this offer. Everyone should be capable of having a small car and it is my dream,” she said. She also alleged that State government has failed to maintain law and order. 

Meanwhile, many women joined BJP.  Former Assembly speaker Yogish Bhat, State BJP Mahila Morcha Secretary Pulasya Rai, State Vice President Sulochana G K Bhat, Mangalore South BJP President Ravishankar Mijar, ZP former president Shailaja Bhat, Roopa D Bangera and others were also present.