Delicacies from the grill

Last Updated 02 April 2014, 13:35 IST
Pinkish from inside and grilled to perfection, when the Tandoori Tangri lands in the plate at Barbeque Nation, one feasts with not just the mouth but even the eyes!

An experience to serve hot kebabs sizzling at the charcoal grill in the centre of the table is what this restaurant is known for. 

When Metrolife sampled the same at its outlet in Connaught Place, it was in one word ‘mouth-watering’. 
From the earlier mentioned delectable Tandoori Tangri to the succulent Achari Pineapple – coated with mango pickle paste to give a tangy and spicy taste – a lot of skewers ‘Off the Grill’ could be relished to the last morsel.

This holds true for the tender Mutton Seekh of finely pounded meat marinated in curd and Indian herbs to be cooked on slow fire for a perfect taste. Equally scrumptious is the Khumb Masala. 
Chef Ranbir Singh informs that most of these are marinated in hung curd and half done before placing it on the grill in the centre of table. 

The use of mayonnaise in Zulu Coriander Chicken and Cajune Spiced Potato (deep fried jacket baby potatoes with chopped onion), however, hampers the taste of these skewers. 

Both fail to make a mark in a bid to be experimental, such as the Raja Kebab made of chhena that oozes oil when grilled and leaves an unpleasant aftertaste. 

A big disappointment is the fish. 
When served in form of grilled Amritsari Fish, its delicate and mild flavour still tastes better than in the main course dish Tari Dal Machli. 
The experience of the mains, though not that delightful, is quite sumptuous. 

The entrée remains to be Patiyala Gosht with palatable meat chunks cooked in a rich gravy comprising cashews and magaz (dried seeds of melon, watermelon, cucumber and pumpkin). 
In vegetarian options, the Mushroom de Bahaar has a similar thick gravy but it is a task to find mushrooms once it mixes with the saffron-flavoured Veg Dum Biryani in the plate.
The ubiquitous Dal Makhani has the right amount of spices but Kadai Paneer tastes a little on the sweet side. 
Yet, these Indian dishes are far better than the Veg Hakka Noodles and Veg in Chilly Garlic Sauce which neither please the taste buds nor fit into the otherwise well-set buffet, even if theyare prepared for a promotional festival.

Bakery chef Sanjeev Thakur deserves a special mention for concocting desserts that are savoured by all. 

Be it the Butterscotch Cake or the Gulab Jamun, there is ample to satiate the sweet tooth. 

The perfect texture of the Butterscotch Cake with a layer of whipped cream in the centre would delight an epicure looking for only appetisers here.

Though the brownie is little less spongy as expected and the phirnee tastes more like custard, the NRI dessert is a surprise element. 
A base of dry fruit-rich suji halwa topped with chopped grapes and pudding, provides a perfect note to sign off from this ‘nation’ of flavours.      

(Published 02 April 2014, 13:35 IST)

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